Everything you need to know about Norway

Norway is known as one of the best countries to live, whether you are going there for studies, work or vacations. In this article, you will learn about what Norway is made up of and how you can make your life better by living there.

Scope of Studies:

When it comes to studies or making up your future than Norway would be one of the options. This country has the highest literacy rates along with very good educational systems. The universities in Norway are ranked in the best and their students are doing wonders in their practical lives. On top of it, you will be living a proper life over there because they have many welfare organizations who are working for those people who are unemployed or disabled. They give them funds or those opportunities on the basis of which they can lead a simple and respectable life in this world. Students graduating from these universities get good paid jobs and these jobs are also very easy to find even when you are in your last year of graduation. The best part of why Norway attracts more people from all over the world is just because they have the lowest crime rates in the whole world, which makes this place a peaceful place to live and settle.

Population, Culture, and Climate:

Norway is a very big country and its border stretches to meet Finland, Russia, and Sweden from the east side whereas it connects its long border to the North Atlantic Ocean on the west side. The climate over here is mild but the winters are very long and very cold. This is also known as the place of tourists and a huge number of immigrants are settled over here and are growing their families over here. The majority of the people living here are highly educated and are earning a good amount of money and making their fortune.

Political, Democracy and The Welfare:

It is one of the most beautiful places to live with the best government constitutions, rules, and regulations. Every minority has equal rights over here and is given the same opportunity to grow like others. It is also known as the welfare state because the government is working day and night for the welfare of their people. and the government is funded by the taxes of the people living there. There is complete liberty in terms of religion, caste, and color. You can practice your religion freely and gay marriages are also legal over there and the couples can also adopt kids and can get married. Females are also given the same value and have the same rights as those given to men. They are given the same opportunities in which they can build their careers on their own and do something for their own selves. Parents are given extra leaves and they also have leverage in their duty if they have to look after their kids. Everyone is treated equally over there despite your status.



Norway is an independent nation and everyone living there is also independent and has complete right and freedom to do whatever he wants to and to follow any religion he wants to. All the religions are found over here with the majority and everyone is allowed to practice it freely. The government has given holidays on the holy days of every religion so that they can enjoy the functions and celebrate their festivals with their loved ones without any interruption. The government also supports these functions by launching a parade or on many occasions like on Christmas everything gets cheap so that everyone can buy things for their loved ones and for themselves so that they can also take part in this occasion with full excitement and heart.


When it comes to building a career I don’t think so that any other country provides more benefits and opportunities to the student other than Norway. As a student, you get part-time jobs related to your degree so that once you graduate you will be having working experience in the same field and you will be able to excel more in your field. If you’re an immigrant than also you will be having at least 20 hours a week for your job so that you can cover up all your expenses while you are studying in university and on holidays you are also allowed to work full time if you want to. But make sure if you are an immigrant in Norway then you need to strictly follow the rules in terms of your job or staying over there because there is zero-tolerance for breaking the rules and they would straight away expel you from their country. There are also other benefits if you are working in Norway like parental leaves, sick leaves, protection of your rights as well as good basic salary. Working in Norway is like a dream come true, working shifts are less and they are very flexible and you also get an option to work from your home and the evenings over here are specially reserved for your family and friends. They believe that you should be given a good time to rest and do other social activities so that when you come back to work you are free of stress and excited to work more. They work hard while they are on the shift and also enjoy more when they are going back home in the evening.


Conclusively if someone asks a suggestion for me that which country is best for building a career or for higher studies than obviously, I would recommend Norway because of its enormous benefits and the opportunities for the new blood who want to do something good in their life. The only thing I would suggest is that if you want to make the future over there than just follow the rules and regulations over there and it is my guarantee that you will have a time of your life over there.